5 Tips and Tricks on Making Your Digital Life Easier

1. Use Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter advanced search allows you to manually select dates and specific topics discussed on a Twitter feed instead of scrolling through. This feature will save you a good amount of time (not to mention a headache).

2. Create a Content Calendar

Mapping and scheduling out your content will literally shave years off your life. Set aside a day out of your work week and dedicate your time to creating and brainstorming enough content that will last you 1-2 weeks. Whether it’s an article, fun fact, or in-house productions, create the copy and queue it up on the publishing calendar. Now you are well on your way to sipping a mimosa while your software does the work for you.

3. Subscribe to Relevant News Sources

Kicking off your work day by scrolling through credible, news-worthy websites will get your creative gears rolling. You can be up to-the-minute with the latest gadget news, updates and initiatives, making you one step ahead on the social sphere. Try Google Alerts!

4. Figure out your Voice

Pick one personality and stick to it. Everyone loves consistency, so choose the best voice that fits your feed and it’s targeted audience and keep that tone the whole way through.

5. Use Instagram Re-Sizer

No one likes having to crop their photos so they can fit perfectly into the little Instagram box. If you are wanting to post a portrait or landscape photo, don’t sweat it! Instagram now uses a nifty re-size trick at the bottom left hand corner. Just click the frame button and your photos will remain it’s true-size (sorry box-frame).