Chicago Bears


The Chicago Bears were seeking a one-stop-shop for all of their NFL Draft content that included pre-produced and live assets. While navigating the restrictions around copyrights and footage, as well as the “live window” parameters, STN Digital created three different layouts to count down until the draft, highlight new players, recap draft picks and host Bears General Manager Ryan Pace’s press conference.


STN was in constant communication with the Bears before, during and after each day of the draft, ensuring content was on-brand, 100% accurate and timely. STN learned the rules and restrictions surrounding broadcast windows and highlight restrictions inside and out, essentially training ourselves as if we were long-term NFL employees.


STN went through four dry runs of the Facebook Live set up, transitions and content making execution on the day of the draft a familiar routine. STN prepped every thinkable scenario, which made us nimble for any breaking news. In this case, the Bears traded the No. 3 pick for the No. 2 pick — but because of the prep work the Facebook Live feed went off without a hitch.

Facebook Live Draft Coverage