2017 March Madness Tournament

Throughout the course of March Madness, STN worked hand in hand with the NCAA digital and social team to create real-time and engaging content across multiple platforms. With a war room of motion designers, video editors, statisticians and social media directors, STN was able to maximize engagement throughout the duration of the tournament.


For every game throughout March Madness,  STN  was able to instantaneously provide the NCAA team with content that included custom animated highlights, up-to-the-minute live video replays, GIFs of memorable off-the-court moments and quote graphics from post-game press conferences. In addition to posting content organically to social platforms, STN sent deliverables via a Slack chatroom, where the social media directors maintained constant communication with the NCAA.


Prior to each matchup, the STN team created a variety of graphics, including tune-ins, starting lineups, channel changers and more that were specific to each game. Additionally, STN produced unique content for each round of the tournament, such as a compilation hype video of locker room celebrations for the Final Four.


During games, STN was ready to create animated highlights of big plays, text-based announcer highlights and big time performers for the player of the game.