National Geographic

Primetime Show Coverage, Giffing, Community Management, Influencer Outreach, Live Coverage 

National Geographic tapped STN to take on live tweeting, community management, influencer outreach, and graphic creation for multiple TV series, a magazine special issue, and a Superbowl commercial. Among the projects were The Incredible Dr. Pol, Gender Revolution Special Issue, Gender Revolution documentary, Fish Bowl, Safari LIVE, MARS, Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER,  Savage Kingdom, and a Genius Superbowl spot. 


STN’s live coverage team prepares and publishes organic copy in-show. This includes developing a handle appropriate voice that matches the show’s audience and tone, copywriting show-driven tweets, and publishing on NatGeo handles in real-time.


To make our in-show posts more engaging, STN creates GIFs and graphics featuring photos from the show for each episode. STN designs the templates to appeal to show audience, featuring quotes from goofy main characters or delving into fun facts about featured animals.


To capitalize on influencer reach and boost potential for big name engagement, STN strategically reaches out to topical Twitter influencers with custom copy that prompts a reply. When we get a reply, we continue to engage with not only the influencer, through retweeting and replies, but also the influencer’s followers the post inevitably engages, too.


During a live event or show, STN’s live coverage team engages with users tweeting at the handle, replying to organic posts on Facebook or Twitter, or otherwise talking about the show. We answer questions, celebrate or commiserate with the viewers, engage with relevant social communities, and extend the reach of the event #hashtag.